Xfinity(USA) Customer Service Number

Xfinity formerly known as Comcast Cable communications is a subsidiary of Comcast. They are into the business of cable television, internet, telephone and also the wireless communications. Their revenue has seen drastically change from almost 23 billion in 2007 to 48 billion in 2013.

The main credit goes to their CEO Dave Watson who has worked tirelessly for these years. Also the chairman Brian l Roberts deserve a massive effort.

We always believe that people should know the history of the company they are involved with. This will give them much ideas as to how these companies have worked over the years. And how much they are reliable with their customers.

Now coming to article, we wanted to publish this because people wanted information regarding Xfinity’s customer service and customer support. In this article you will find all the details regarding where to contact and how to contact their customer support team.

Given below are the few numbers that you can call for support or to solve any of your query. We will provide you with Xfinity phone number, customer service number, customer service for existing business accounts and Xfinity bill pay number. Here below are the numbers:

Xfinity by Comcast Phone Number



Comcast Customer Service Phone Number

1-877-338-5965, press 1


Business Customer Service, Existing Business Accounts



Comcast Bill Pay Phone Number

1-877-338-5965, press 1



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