Why India has so many freelancers?

The Indian economy is set to grow at a rapid rate and freelancers also have a small contribution to make in this growth. Half a decade back, people didn’t even know what freelancing meant, but now more and more people are seen embracing it as a part of their profession. Apart from the casual part-timers, freelance websites have seen a sudden increase in their demand for full-time freelance job enthusiasts. India is a pool talent. Not only is India the world leader when it comes to IT industry, it is miles ahead when we actually talk about online freelance outsourcing.

The definition of ‘labor’ is evolving. So far, workers were exploited, forced to work in their 9-5 schedule. A large part of the country’s population was engaged in this exasperating farrago of a lifestyle while simultaneously taking a much greater toll on their health. Working as a freelancer has changed that. You can set your own schedule, plan your work, and deliver when and as required. It has made people more independent, and to an extent happier than when they were stuck in their 9-5 jobs. A happy employee is an effective employee.

How do they do?

How Indian Freelancers work

In a race to shine, employees were often made to work extra hours only to end up with no bonuses. Following this, their competitive spirit degraded, cutting them off from the working environment. They felt exploited. On the other hand, a bad and demotivating team does damage beyond one’s understanding. All this just leads to the employee hating the work they do, loathing their work-flow. When a person leaves a job, he thinks more about his current situation and less about its consequences.

Why Freelancing?

Today, working as a freelancer is as stable as working in a company. Demand for freelancers is increasing. If you have talents, skills, dedication, and temperament you would never find yourself running out of work. When a person leaves his well-to-do corporate sector job, he tends to sway towards his passion and his dreams in order to find new work. Dreams can feed people more than what a usual job can do, both mentally and physically. There have been plenty examples of when people hardly cared about their life and started working towards their dream, even if it meant starting from scratch.

More or less, the main reason why freelancing is increasing at an exponential rate is that people finally know what “being your own boss” means. Not only this, but the overall hiring costs in India are much cheaper when compared to US or UK, and this leads to more freelance outsourcing opportunities through freelancing websites in India. Most of the tasks done in today’s market just require a computer and a reliable and decent internet connection. This makes it possible for Indian freelancers to get recognized by foreign firms and their work is then outsourced.

Not just global companies, but small and medium scale industries love hiring freelancers to work. It is cost-effective and gets the work done much faster. Over the years, through experience, people have realized the advantages of working on a contract rather than spending six days of a week working at your 9-5 shift only to end up less paid and depressed.

Facts and Analysis:

A survey found that around 15 million working-class employees in India are currently freelancers. And this number is just increasing incrementally. They take around 40% of the total freelance jobs offered from around the world. The improved access to the internet has substantially helped India’s freelancers in connecting with the world.
The people making money via freelancing earn more than what a salaried personnel does. And they do it in half the time. People taking freelancing as a full-time career are making great money from it.

The best thing about freelancing is that it gives you the opportunity to work online from whichever location you like. You get to set your own hours, choose your own work and location and just start working for your client. With the increases in demand for freelance outsourcing in India, a lot of freelancing sites in India have come up just for the gig economy. They not only help freelancers find new clients but help them keep track of their employment.

A recent report highlighted the constraints that come along with making a living as a freelancer. It said that around 23% of Indian freelancers earn up to ₹60 lakhs per year. This just goes up to show how pre-dominant Indian freelancers are in today’s market, and these stats are consistently improving. When interviewed, 58% of the freelancers said that their businesses rapidly grew within the last twelve months.


These are very encouraging facts for a country who was scared of freelancing a couple of years ago. The future of freelancing, to me personally, looks far from bleak and it just seems satisfactory to see Indians progress as a unit not afraid of what the future holds for them. They finally seem prepared.

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