WhatsApp Is Being Used by Allahabad Court to Summon Parties

India’s favorite app, given that it has 200 million users in the country, this should not come as a surprise to anyone that the uses of this app have just widened. It has also emerged as a force to reckon with in news media. Interestingly, the Allahabad High Court yesterday used WhatsApp message to seek the presence of parties in a case before it. Not only the Allahabad High Court but also another handful of Courts across the country are also coming forward for the use of this technology in judicial proceedings.

Under the bench with  Justices Tarun Agarwala and Ashok Kumar, in the light of elections to Bar Council of Uttar Pradesh, passes an order, saying,

“We had further directed Sri Siddharth Nandan, the learned counsel assisting Sri T.P. Singh, the learned Senior Advocate for the petitioner to send “WhatsApp message” to the Chairman, Sri Anil  Pratap Singh and Dr. Ram Jeet Singh Yadav, Secretary/the Election Officer on their mobile requesting them to appear before the Court today.

We also find that notices of the petition were duly served to the Chairman as well as to the Election Officer on their mobile by the petitioners as well as on the e-mail address of the Chairman and Secretary of the Bar Council of U.P. In spite of service of notices, respondents no. 4 and 5 have failed to appear or give instructions to their counsel.”

Later the court was adjourned. Other courts to follow the trend are the Delhi High Court and the Bombay High Court, ordered service of summons on one of the defendants through Whatsapp, text message and email. The growth of Whatsapp in India has opened doors for many opportunities like this and this app is serving for various purposes.

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