Whatsapp Testing File-Sharing Support for All Types of Files

WhatsApp has created a revolution in technology market since its release in 2010. It has along with Facebook changed the entire way of people communicate socially. It has laid the foundation for it is now many number of social networking applications. It has really a pioneer in the social networking industry. After achieving all this still there is no place for complacency for WhatsApp and still they are trying to roll out the updates and make it more malware proof and user-friendly. The next update that is rumored to be roll out by WhatsApp is for Support for All Types of Files.

WhatsApp has recently rolled out the support for voice and video calling and last year try launched this feature to share the files for anyone. Now they want to expand it and are trying the Support for All Types of Files. WhatsApp already provides voice calling and video calling along with this they also provide sharing of photos, videos and audio files. To add to this they also provide the facility to send PDF. In spite of all this they are very sure that they are not comprising any of their security concerns. There have been some issues here and there but other than that they always been up to the mark.

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