WhatsApp Starts Rolling Out ‘Delete for Everyone’ Feature for iOS and Android Users

If you have been facing awkward moments where you send messages to unintended recipients on WhatsApp then there is no need to worry now about it as the message revoke or delete message for everyone is out of beta and is being rolled out to iOS users. The company had been working on this feature for some time and starting from today, this feature is slowly being rolled out to iOS, Android and Windows Phone users. Notably, WhatsApp has just recently rolled out the Live Location Sharing feature on Android and iOS devices.

This new Delete for Everyone feature will be rolled out gradually and may take some time to get a prompt for the update. This feature will on text messages, images, videos, GIFs, voice messages, contact cards, locations, files, status replies, quoted messages and also on a new feature stickers, that is expected to be rolled out soon. The Delete for Everyone feature will enable the user to delete messages in private chats and group chats as well. But the sender and the receiver need to have the latest WhatsApp version in order to use the new feature.

When you delete an unintended message then WhatsApp will send a fake a fake copy of that message to the recipient. But you need not worry as the recipient will just receive a copy but their device will not show the notification nor the notification will be saved in the recipient’s char history. But it will check whether the ID of the message in WhatsApp data base is there or not and then after locating it, the message will be revoked correctly. The revokes or deleted messages will be deleted in the notifications center on an iOS device. But on an Android device, the message will be replaced with ‘This message was deleted for everyone.’ The Broadcast messages and Quoted reply currently will not support the message recalling feature. Also, the WhatsApp version for Symbian handsets will not support this feature.

It may be noted that the user will be able to use the ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature within a time span of seven minutes of sending the unintended message. This could be a little tricky but for now one will have to wait until all the devices receive the update.



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