WhatsApp ‘OnlineNotify’, Notify You When Someone Comes Online, Released for iOS 10

Our favorite chatting and messaging app, Whatsapp has rolled out a new feature called “OnlineNotify”.

The feature has been rolled out only for iOS 10 yet. It notifies you when someone comes online right on your iPhone.

The standard WhatsApp app as downloaded from the iOS App Store has turned out to be very satisfactory and has got good reviews from the users. It presently allows the user to do One-to-one messaging, group messaging, and even video and audio calls.

But with OnlineNotify into the play a user will be notified whenever their selected contacts have come online or when that user is in the process of typing a message back as a response or as a standalone message.

This feature would also help all the people with the trust issues when someone is not replying to them, now they can find out when and whether or not he/she comes online.

OnlineNotify pops up notifications whenever contacts added to a notify list comes online, or when they are typing a message. There are also a number of miscellaneous little features in place which enhance the overall experience. Users online will be designated as such with an online indicator next to them in the chat list.

There are also some changes made to the appearance of last seen information. But everything comes with a cost! to use this feature and get information about your contacts WhatsApp service needs to be constantly running which in turn means that the installed user will constantly be shown as “online”.


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