Vodafone’s New Rs 347 & Rs 346 Packs Offer Unlimited Calls & 1GB Data/Day in Kolkata/West Bengal Circles

If you put up in eastern coastline of India and possess a 2G or 3G phone, then here’s news for you.  The new scheme of Rs. 346 and Rs. 347 under the Vodafone brand offering unlimited calls and a GB data perk per day is now available in the Bengal circles.

Well, the Vodafone industry has specially extended the plan for those of you residing in Kolkata, West Bengal.  Acknowledging the reality that most of you in Kolkata still use the 2G handsets, which is quite a common trend, Vodafone added you as the beneficiaries of its data services.

Vodafone had launched the Rs. 346 plan in early 2017 with unlimited call services and 1 GB data per day usage for all prepaid subscribers.  While the Rs. 347 plan consists of the 1 GB per day of 3G or 4G data and unlimited landline or mobile calling.

But both of these recharge schemes were limited only to the 4G devices in WB.  So now you don’t have to fret over your 2G phones, as Vodafone deeply thinks of you.

Out of the 2.6 crore subscribers of Vodafone India in the Kolkata/West Bengal region, more than 40 percent customers are using 3G or 4G data.  However, the majority still consists of the 2G holders.

The business head of Vodafone India in the Kolkata/West Bengal area mentioned about its decision to expand in the circle.  “The company's immediate objective is to achieve 100 percent 4G coverage in Kolkata and West Bengal circles by end-FY18. At present, 90 percent of both circles have 4G coverage,” he said.

India’s second largest telecom company had invested Rs. 1300 crores in 2016 for the network and communications boost.

The broad-basing of Vodafone’s prepaid packs in the Kolkata/West Bengal circles would help combat the Reliance Jio strongly in the state by reaching out to a wider audience, an expert pointed out.

To conclude, Vodafone cares for you equally disregarding whether you use a 2G, 3G or a 4G device.  You are all invited to bag this golden scheme at hand.

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