Beating Rivals, Vivo Unveils Fingerprint Sensor Underneath Display

Vivo has already determined that it wants to be the number one smartphone company in India. With the recent launches lf the smartphone it does seem like the company is on the right track. They have always been known for their unique technology and innovativeness. This uniqueness has established them as the top smartphone companies in the world. This time beating all their rivals, Vivo has come up with a rather unique display. They are the first company to unveil the fingerprint sensor underneath the display.

Fingerprint sensor underneath the display details:

This is a major step in the future as we are seeing more and more smartphones with fingerprint sensor. We have already posted about this few days back when we reported that Vivo is planning to set up a smartphone with fingerprint sensor underneath the display. Eventually its been reported that Vivo has beaten none other than the smartphone giant Apple to this technology. Apple were also planning to launch this fingerprint sensor technology but vivo has beaten them to this.

The news from the MWC Shanghai is that, qualcomm announced its latest ultrasonic fingerprint solution, with the new highlights being its integration underneath OLED displays (up to 1.2mm-thick), as well as working fine even when the device is immersed in water. The other notable feature of this tech is that it can also tolerate dirt and sweat on skin better than any of its counterpart, and it also works underneath metal and glass but the main thing here is with increased penetration — up to 800um for glass and up to 650um for aluminum, as opposed to the old 400um for either material.

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