Upcoming ‘USB 3.2’ Technology Transfers Data at 20Gbps: Reports

No matter how much memory space your smartphone or tablet offers, at some point or the another you will feel the need to transfer your data including pictures and videos to your external hard disk or any other device using the most popular option, the USB port which almost all the devices support and the process can be time taking.

Well here is some good news from the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, which comprises of Apple, HP, Intel, Microsoft, and other companies, that the new USB 3.2 technology will double the transfer speed up to 20Gbps. The current maximum speed offered is 10 gigabits per second with USB 3.1.

This change would be made possible by using multiple lanes of data for transferring at the same time.

But of course, to use the new USB 3.2 you will need your devices to support it. If the sender and receiver end devices are compatible and support USB 3.2, then even if you use the old USB 3.0 cable, there would be an increase of up to 2Gbps in the transfer speed.

Brad Saunders, USB 3.0 Promoter Group Chairman quoted,”When we introduced USB Type-C to the market, we intended to assure that USB Type-C cables and connectors certified for SuperSpeed USB or SuperSpeed USB 10 Gbps would as produced, support higher performance USB as newer generations of USB 3.0 was developed.The USB 3.2 update delivers the next level of performance.”

More information about this technology is expected to be revealed at USB Developer Days 2017 this year.

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