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Upcoming iPhone Users Could Replace Siri With Google Assistant

This year smartphone market has been very red-hot with the launch of many upcoming smartphones by many top mobile manufacturers. And now as the September is coming close everybody is waiting for iPhone to announce the launch of its new phone. But there are other  news that iPhone users might be enthralled about. It has been recently announced that iPhone is soon to get updates of Google assistant in place of its very own Siri.

Since the launch of Siri it has become an essential part of iPhone users along with the phone. Now the news have been reported that you can replace Siri with Google assistant. There have been many comparisons regarding Siri and Google assistant in the past but this has taken the competition to a whole new level. With this announcement Google can now start programming its assistant for iPhone as well besides Android​phones.

Allowing a competitor taking it place is something that Apple would never do. And​ if its Google than they it would seem rather impossible. Earlier Google has announced its partnership Apple for its search engine which can opened through iPhone. But this might be something bigger that both the companies are planning. It will be interesting to see which in phones will this update pan out. According to sources it will be available in iPhone 5s models to iPhone 7 models.

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