Union Bank Balance Enquiry by Missed call or SMS

The services offered by the banks is convenient for all the basic banking activities. Banks do not charge for these missed calls. Since you have to first avail the SMS facility, you will be charged Rs. 15 per quarter. However, there are banks which do not charge for the SMS facility.

Union Bank Balance Enquiry Number

Your number needs to be registered with the bank. If your number s registered with the Union Bank of India then you will require dialing the number in order to check your union bank of India balance. The number on which the missed call number needs to be sent is 9223008586. You will then be sent your account balance via an SMS. For balance detail, you need to send a missed call on 9223008586.

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You can also check your Union Bank of India bank account details by sending an SMS by typing UBAL and send it to the number 9223008486. It will provide you all the account balance details as well. For your mini statement, you need to send an SMS in the format UMNS and send it to the number 9223008486.

Now, you all done with Union Bank Balance Enquiry and if you still have any questions, please drop down in comments section.

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