Three Sony Walkmans Spotted on FCC With 16GB, 32GB, 64GB Storage

A few years ago Sony Walkmans were considered to be really cool and owning one of them was considered to be a matter of pride by the kids. Soon after Apple ipod came into the market and Sony Walkman’s charm was subdued by it.

The company tried to keep it alive by including it in some of its smartphones when it still partnered with Ericsson.

The Japanese company has released a number of digital audio devices under the name and even a pair of bluetooth earphones. This year Sony is all set to be back in the game as it launched the NW-A35 Walkman, a portable Hi-Res digital player that fits into your pocket. New reports says it is adding three more later this year.

It seems that the company is planning to launch three new Walkman models soon as their listing on the FCC confirms the same. The three new models NW-A45, NW-A46, and NW-A47 recently received the FCC certification process, which suggests that they will soon be available in the US.

The major difference between these three models is their storage capacities, the NW-A45 Walkman from Sony may come with a 16GB internal storage, while the NW-A46 will have 32GB of storage, taking about the last mode, which seems to be the high-end model NW-A47, out of the three will possess 64GB internal flash storage.

All these devices will support Bluetooth connectivity and retain support for the lossless audio formats.


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