Tech Help: How to Repair Your Phone Instead of Buying New

Let’s face it – smartphones aren’t the most durable machines in the world. It’s a miracle if you haven’t smashed your phone’s screen at least once in its lifetime. Despite their propensity to break and smash, they’re incredibly expensive pieces of tech that cost a lot to replace.

Instead of buying a new phone when disaster strikes, how about attempting to save it yourself? (Or at least take it to a local cell phone repair store, who can fix all manner of breakages.)

There are numerous guides online written by people who want to help you save your phone (and money) like we do. So, we’ve put together this guide on how you can repair some of the most common smartphone problems at home, for a fraction of the cost of buying a new one.


Screen Replacement

This is the most common smartphone breakage occurrence – as we all know. Glass screens are easily broken, even with a screen protector.

Here’s how you can replace a broken screen yourself:

  • Make sure your phone is turned OFF.
  • Remove the old screen – usually, this is done by unscrewing tiny screws around the sides of your phone. Check online for how to remove the screen of your exact phone model.
  • Use a suction cup to prise the screen from the phone carefully.
  • There may be some more screws to remove inside your phone’s mechanics to completely free the screen. When screws are removed, remember to keep them SAFE as they’re very small, and don’t mix them up – maybe label so they go back exactly where they came from.
  • Once the screen is free, replace it with the new one, being sure to put each screw back in its rightful place. Be careful not to touch any of the other internals which could cause damage.
  • Voila! Your new screen should be up and running. Turn on the phone to check that everything is in working order. Then get yourself a screen protector and hard-wearing case!


Fix a Broken Charging Port

Breaking your charging port is annoying as it renders your phone dead until it’s repaired. Luckily, in this case, this breakage often has no need for buying new parts – you just need to repair a broken connection. You may need to buy a tiny screwdriver head and tweezers if you don’t have them.

Follow these steps for a simple overview of how you can repair your charging port yourself.

  • Step 1 is to complete the above guide to removing your phone’s screen (you’ll need to get to the internals to do this, which unfortunately involves lifting the screen).
  • Then you’ll need to take out the battery. There will be screws to remove to do this (remember to label them once removed). Check internet guides on removing the battery of your exact phone model. Do this super carefully – smartphone batteries are very delicate.
  • You will likely have to move some of the phone’s other internals out of the way to reach the charging port. Take care not to break any cables or touch the logic board.
  • It’s more than likely that some of the charging assembly ports have become disconnected, and that’s where the problem lies. Reconnect these and the job’s done. Since all smartphones are different, you’ll need to check a YouTube video to see how this works for your phone.
  • Reassemble all your parts, with the correct screws and the battery back inside, and hopefully, your charging port problems are solved.


Repair Water Damage

Accidentally dropping a phone down the toilet is a more common occurrence than you think. Whatever way your phone became water damaged, there could be a solution – don’t chuck it out just yet!

Firstly, if your phone has been submerged – DO NOT attempt to use it! Turn off your phone and take off its case if it has one. Then, use the trusty rice method.

Completely bury your phone in a bowl of dry rice, and try turning it on in 24 hours’ time. You can try this for a few days running if you like, but after the third day, you will need to accept defeat if it shows no vital signs. Alternatively, if you have a warm airing cupboard in your house, stick the phone in there for a few days. (Do not use if the cupboard is HOT.)

DO NOT put your phone on a radiator, in a tumble dryer, or use a hair dryer on it!


There are hundreds of in-depth DIY phone repair tutorials out there, for almost any breakage – learn the tricks of the trade before splashing out big money on a new phone.

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