Straight Talk(USA) Customer Service Number

Straight Talk is basically a Mobile Virtual Network Operator offering both GSM as well as  CDMA support to mobile operators. It is another operator found through partnership between.

Tracfone and Walmart. This is provided to customer through different international calling plans. This plans consists of mobile data, unlimited messages, unlimited calling, etc.

There are three plans available as of now. They are:

  1. $30 limited plan
  2. $45 30 day unlimited plan
  3. $60 unlimited international calling plan

Now the question arises as to what different this plan offers?

$30 plan offers its customers 1500 minutes, unlimited texts, free calls up to 411 calls, 100 MB of data for a service period of 30 days.

Similarly $45 offers it’s customers unlimited talk, texts, 5 GB at 3G or 4G LTE speeds; data beyond that speed will reduce up to at 64 kbit/s speeds.

And finally $60 plan offers everything unlimited from calls, texts, and data with first 10 GB at high-speeds. After high-speed data is exhausted, Straight Talk throttles data speeds up to 2G or approximately 64 kbit/s.

But the main point of writing this article was to provide people the customer service information provided by Straight Talk. To maintain the standards they have appointed a different entity for giving their customers a customer support team.

Thus by providing their customers up most satisfaction to resolve any of their queries and doubts. Given below are the numbers to contact their customer support team:

Straight Talk Customer Service

4 mins average wait
8 am-midnight ES

Straight Talk Customer Service

17 mins average wait
8 am-midnight EST
We do hope that given numbers will be enough for you to contact their team. If and when you have any doubt you can reach us through comments. And also you go to straight talk website for further related query.

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