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SBH Online Balance Enquiry: One of the five Associate Banks of SBI (State Bank of India), State Bank of Hyderabad is a well-known branch. SBH online provides a lot of online options for users to make their tasks easy. Such as Mobile Banking, Missed Call Service, SMS Banking, SBH Online Balance enquiry and more give below in this table.
Balance EnquirySend: “SBAL{space}User id{space}MPIN” to 9223440000


Give a missed call on 09223766666

Mini StatementGive a missed call on 09223866666
To get Forgotten MPINSend: “SFPIN{Space}Userid
Activate SMS BankingType: MBSREG and send it to 9232440000
Register Mobile Number with SBHSend: “REGSBH <space> Account Number” to 09223488888
Get Registered USERID & MPINSend: ““MBSREG” to 9223440000

SBH Balance Enquiry Through Missed Call Service

To use missed call banking of SBH, your mobile number should be registered with your home bank branch. If you already have done it then just follow the steps given below;
Disclaimer: Please verify the numbers and SMS formats given below or use the given numbers at your own risk. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for the information or any financial damaged caused.
Step 1: Call to SBH customer care at 1800-425-4055/1800-425-1825 and ask for the procedure to activate missed call banking service. You would need to send a message in a predefined format from your registered mobile number to activate the service and they (customer care) will tell you the format and number. Or send following text message “REGSBH(space)Your Account Number” from your registered mobile number to  092234-88888 (Example – REGSBH 5******2******1 and send it to 09223488888).

Step 2: After sending the text message, you will receive an SMS stating that Missed Call Banking service is successfully activated on your mobile number. Once, you receive such message then just give a missed call to 09223766666 from your registered mobile number to know your account balance through SMS. Use these numbers to perform different operations;

  • To check account balance, give a missed call on 092237-66666
  • To check mini-statement, give a missed call on 092238-66666

Steps to activate SMS banking on a registered mobile number

Please Note: This service only can be activated for the mobile number that is registered with your bank account number. Therefore, if you have not registered/linked your mobile number with your respective bank branch then you must visit your home bank branch first to link your mobile number with your account.
Step 1: Send the following message to 9223440000.
Type: MBSREG and send it to above 9232440000
In short period of time, you will get a User id and MPIN on your mobile number.
Step 2: To proceed to step 3 you have to change your default MPIN so type the following message to change your default MPIN.
Type: SMPIN{space}USER ID{space}Old MPIN{space}New MPIN and send it to 9223440000.
Example; Suppose my user id is abcd and my default MPIN is 1234 and I want to change old MPIN with new one( 0000) so I will type following message example; SMPIN abcd 1234 0000
Step 3: After sending MPIN change SMS you will get confirmation of MPIN changed. After that for the activation of this service go to your nearest ATM or go to your home bank branch. If you are going to the nearest ATM then follow step 4 otherwise you do not need to follow next steps.
Step 4: After some time you will get a successful MPIN SMS. Now next step is to accept term and conditions of using mobile banking. It would be better for you to read terms and conditions of using SBI mobile banking service before sending this SMS. You can read terms and conditions of using mobile banking by visiting SBI official website. After reading terms and conditions send this message
Type: SACCEPT(space)User id(space)Mpin and send it to 9223440000
Step 5: Go to your nearest ATM and swipe your ATM card and then enter your ATM pin.
Step 6: Select Mobile banking and then opt Registration.
Step 7: Enter your Mobile number (Only registered mobile number). Subsequently confirm your mobile number by selecting YES.
Step 8: That’s it, Your SMS banking service has been activated. You will shortly receive an activation message.
Step 9: Now to check your account and to perform other functions use following keywords:
Send your keywords to 9223440000:
  • To check account balance send “SBAL{space}User id{space}MPIN” example; SBAL abcd 1234 and send it to 9223440000.
  • For mobile Top up  “STOPUP{space}Userid{space}MPIN{space}Service provider name{space}Mobile Number{space}Amount”  example; STOPUP ABCD 1234 AIRTEL 98******** 100 and send it to 9223440000.
  • For Dth Recharge “SDTH{space}Userid{space}MPIN{space} Service provider name{space}DTH serial no. {Space}Amount”  example; SDTH ABCD 1234 DISHTV 0150**** 250 and send it to 9223440000
  • Forget MPIN “SFPIN{Space}Userid”  example; SFPIN ABCD and send it to 9223440000
  • To get registered user id and mpin “MBSREG” example; MBSREG and send it to 9223440000
  • Please Note: Standard SMS charges are applicable.

SBH Online Balance Enquiry:

Open the online SBH Page ( to access the log in page.
Enter the Username and Password provided by the Bank when you opened your account.
You then need to reset the password.
For those who have opened their accounts before online banking should contact their respective branch.
The login will take you to the Home Page of the Account where you have to follow the following procedure:
1. Click on [Enquiries]
2. Click on [Get Current Balance] (A Get Current Balance page appears.)
3. Select an account.
sbh online balance enquiry
4. Click on [Get Current Balance].
5. A popup window will appear.
6. In the popup window, you can view the current balance in the account.
sbh account balance enquiry online
7. The page also displays details of the last transaction on the account.
8. Click on [Print] to print the page or click on [Close] to close the window.
Note: In case of any further queries, you can call at this toll-free number 18004251825 or SMS type “Help” and send it to 9000222444.

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