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Snapdeal is one of the India's biggest online shopping portal. Snapdeal customer care is part of snapdeal portal that allows the customers to submit their query and get it resolved quickly.

With the ever so growing online business, customer delightness is of up most important. It contributes to around lakhs of people shopping inline daily.

To fulfill their needs online portals have to be up on their toes. This is why it is of great deal to Snapdeal that they do not break their customers trust and provide them best services. Snapdeal's business varies from beauty products to mobile phone to various electronic items and many others.

They almost cover every aspect of household items. It also offers fashion for men, women, children. Other than that, they also provide accessories for bikes, fitness products, etc. They cover more than 1 lakh products. Such is need of the customers.

Thus to cover a large number of demands, snapdeal has their own customer support. Which helps their customer guide through various questions, queries, and some times even problems related to their products.

In the given article we will provide you the various customer toll free number for Snapdeal. Along with this, we will also provide you the email support and also the various customer support numbers for the different states.

Snapdeal customer care team works for 24 hours a day for 365 days. Below given numbers will be toll free.

Here is the customer care number for Snapdeal:

 +91-92126 92126


Below are the different toll free numbers based on different cities:

Bangalore                       080466603100
Ahmedabad                    092126 92126
Chennai                          092126 92126
Gurgaon                         0124 660 0200
Delhi                               088882 54614

Email support for 24×7:

[email protected]



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