Skype for Android and iOS Now Getting Cortona Assistance

Microsoft is always trying to give its customer the best. To make the conversation more comfortable, Microsoft had previously updated its Skype for only windows devices and provided Cortona Assistance to the users of windows phone only. Microsoft got more success after the integration of Cortona Assistance in Skype. Now, Microsoft has decided to roll out these updates of Skype for both Android and iOS.

Cortona is an Artificial Intelligence Assistance which will work on the command used by the users.  This artificial intelligence has been designed in such a way that it can help users in many things. It can automatically read the massages and answered your asked questions. Through Skype, it can fix the appointment date of the user just by asking them and will remind them of time. The user can ask Cortona for any information, and it will answer the user.

It will store relevant information of the users and can speak back that information when the users ask. It can tell the story using its database while connected to the internet. Cortona will also help users to enhance their productivity. Users can use Cortona as a reminder tool. Cortona can access Bing to collect information regarding the weathers, traffic on the road and latest news. The users can set time-based reminders, Location-based reminders and Photo reminders using Cortona Assistance.

After this integration, users can now speak with a virtual robot and ask anything.

Lilian Rincon, a team member of Microsoft’s Skype, informed that the team is planning to introduce intelligence into the artificial conversation through Skype for HoloLens.

They demonstrated a process showing a woman talking with her families by using HoloLens. The users can use this to learn something from someone staying far away. These updates soon will be available for the both platforms, i.e., iOS and Android.

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