Samsung Pay Starts Accepting Paypal Payments in the United States

Samsung has announced that their users will now have an option of PayPal added to the preferred method of payment-in-app, online and retail stores. They can avail this through the Samsung Pay mobile payments platform. This option will initially be made available in the United States, before expanding it globally.

Besides, this Paypal option for Samsung Pay is also being added to the Paypal’s Braintree base. It is believed that this upgrade will provide an option to millions of PayPal users. Apple Pay and Google’s Android Pay are already in use, while Samsung added to their own technology to update their payment system. This point of sale system of Samsung Pay supports Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) technology; which means that Samsung Pay can be used anywhere for payment purposes, even where payment cards are accepted.

Although Samsung Pay isn’t the most used payment technology among users yet, we have seen Apple Pay gaining a lot from this platform. This makes us zealous to note that this update in the technology might generate an accelerated support from its users. PayPal has higher acceptance records of payment systems, followed by MasterCard and other mobile wallets.

Last year, PayPal had entered into a partnership with Visa and MasterCard for store payments. Earlier this year, they had announced to grow among Android Pay as well. PayPal has also announced recently about an expanded relationship with Apple. This meant that PayPal will be an option in the Apple Pay store as well; not only in the US, but in 11 new markets as well.

The Companies have announced that the PayPal integration will soon be made available on Samsung smartphones in the United States. There is no intimation about the time-frame in which it would expand globally. However, it is expected to arrive soon for all its users.

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