Samsung Galaxy S9 to Have Air Quality Sensor: Patent Filings

There have been a lot of speculations lately about the Samsung Company’s next generation flagship smartphones. However the latest one features that the Samsung Galaxy S9 may feature an air quality sensor. The patent filing by Samsung reveals that there will be an ‘environmental sensor’ in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone. The patent further reveals that by detecting the various particles and substances present in the air, this environmental sensor will be able to measure the air quality.

It is likely that the Samsung Galaxy S9 will be launched soon as the company usually posts the patents about these things for public view only when the launch of the device is not far away. The patent to incorporate such an environmental sensor was filed by Samsung last year which has finally been revealed by the company. This may be surprising news for many people to know the fact that the size of an air sensor could be so small to fit in a smartphone. But Samsung has now shown that this is a possible thing which can happen.

The patent also consists of some sketches that show how Samsung has been successful in incorporating the air sensor in a smartphone. The sketches help to understand the compact and flat design of the air sensor that has been incorporated in the glass display of the phone. The company claims that this environmental or air sensor will be able to measure the air quality. However, the details as to how the air will reach the display substrate is yet unknown.

Many patents filed by the company in the past have never come to light. Even though there are speculations going around about the Samsung Galaxy S9 having to be incorporated with this air sensor mechanism, there is no assurance on this information yet. But one can still say that there is a possibility of a future Samsung phone to come with an air sensor.


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