Samsung Galaxy S5 Burst Into Flames Wounding Pregnant Woman’s Hand

A college technician Kathleen, who is 22 weeks pregnant has witnessed a life threatening experience but saved by the grace of God when her Samsung Galaxy S5 burst into flames in the morning. The couple said they heard the sound “like someone had lit a rocket in the room” and they woke to the hissing sound in the room. The mom-to-be was with her boyfriend Daniel Collict, 29 when the accident happened. The couple is very thankful as no injuries to their unborn baby has been recorded but  Kathleen did suffer from severe burns in her hand with a hole in the mattress.

The couple has snoozed off the mobile and the phone was in charging mode when the phone exploded next to them. They said, “We took the dog, opened all the windows in the house, poured a bucket of water onto the mattress and drove to the hospital.”

Later Kathleen was rushed for the treatment for the burns in Mandeville Hospital, Bucks. Mr. Collict works as a self-employed aquarium builder and is very thankful because if his girlfriend had been sleeping in any other position they might have lost their baby. The extent of the accident can be seen with the condition of the phone, which is no longer recognizable as a mobile and the injuries on the girl’s hand.

After “a horrendous accident”, he added: “We are so grateful to be alive. In the statement, he also commented,

“We have all been told the dangers of sleeping with our phones, tablets, and vapes under pillows or next to us, but don’t assume it won’t happen to you.” “Kathleen is pregnant and if she had been sleeping two inches closer she and our unborn child could have suffered a horrendous fate.”

After the reaction of the company to the accident, Daniel said: “Samsung has said very little, it has taken them five days for anyone to say, ‘we are sorry to hear’ or ‘how’s your partner doing?’

A spokesman further said, “Samsung takes all customer queries extremely seriously and this incident is currently being investigated and our customer services team is in direct contact with the customer regarding the matter.”

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