Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Freezing on Contact and SMS Apps for Some Users

There is information that some units of the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 devices are completely freezing while using the applications like Contacts, Messaging and Phone. These handsets seem to dislike working as a phone for some devices perhaps.

A forum has been set under the title, “Note 8 Freezing and unresponsive”. Quite a number of users have replied to this post mentioning the common problem in their devices.

Here is a list of some actions that is leading to the freezing of the Galaxy Note 8 devices:

  • Opening Contacts App
  • Opening Contacts App while texting
  • Opening a contact in the Contacts App
  • Tapping a contact from the Messaging and Contacts App
  • Using the Contacts list from the Contacts App
  • Tapping on contacts in the Phone App
  • Tapping on contacts in the Messages App
  • Using Speed Dial
  • Making phone calls from recent calls list and the Contacts App
  • Charging overnight
  • Making a phone call
  • Loading Excel sheet from an Email
  • Opening the Phone App.

It is pretty clear from the above mentioned list that the main issue is with the Contacts App. Users have claimed that they have tried several means to solve the issue. They have tried clearing cache, uninstalling and reinstalling apps and even factory resetting, but all in vain.

This freezing is occurring with many variants of the Note 8 gadgets that includes the SM-N950U units of four major variants ( AT & T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon) along with the European (SM-N950F) and dual-SIM (SM-N950D) versions.


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