Sailfish X for Sony Xperia X Now Available to Download at €49.99

The new Sailfish X, a Sailfish OS has launched by Jolla for the Sony Xperia X. In its initial stage, the Sailfish X will be available for the users of the EU countries, Norway and Switzerland. As Sailfish has been launched, the users of these countries have to pay €49.99.

The user has to purchase the Sailfish X for their Sony Xperia X devices so that they can download the factory image. After that, the users need to flash that factory image in Sony Xperia X. The main reason behind this major update is to provide a better security from bankruptcy. Even though the price is high, but in return will get a one-year free subscription to the software updates.

Jolla has provided some guides regarding its flashing process. These guides can only be used in windows. Jolla hasn’t provided any instruction for Linux and MacOS users. Before installing Sailfish X, users need to unlock their device’s boot loader. This operating system only can be installed through Linux terminal.

As per the information, in €49.99 the users will get flashable Sailfish OS software for Sony Xperia X, Android app support, MS exchange support and can download some necessary software from Jolla store. The Price comes with a free year subscription for software updates with proper instruction regarding its installation and also one-year free subscription to Jolla Customer Care service.

Some sources informed that Sailfish X would not support the Bluetooth, the Barometer and step counter sensor, and the fingerprint sensor. It also will not support FM radio. May be Jolla will provide an update to fix this issues.

It is said that after getting popularity, the company will launch Sailfish in other countries. However, Jolla is planning to speed up the process in coming years.

In past Jolla had faced a massive problem with its Jolla tablets. Now the company is again coming with its new product so that it can retain the image of the company in the market.


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