Reliance JioPhone Pre-Bookings Suspended Due to Inability to Serve Huge Demand

Everybody wants a cost effective 4G supporting smartphone these days. And when Reliance Industries introduced there effectively ‘free’ 4G VoLTE Reliance JioPhone handset, the demands had to sore. They received a stunning 3 million booking in the first few hours of opening the gates on August 24.

Consequently, the site could not handle the bookings and crashed. Many people complained of the site not loading and the server not being available. However, after facing the technical issues for a while, the JioPhone bookings resumed the next day.

Facing the same fate of heavy footfall, the Reliance Inc have decided to suspend the bookings as of now. As a result, for people visiting their official website, are returning empty handed. Moreover, the website only says ‘We will inform you when the pre-booking resumes’ and the date or time is not available.

However for the lucky ones, who got through the booking process, they can check the status of the pre-booking. They can dial on the toll free number ‘18008908900′. The tele-computer will ask for their registered mobile number and the status can be determined. Apart from this, they can check the status on the MyJio app as well. They can click on the ‘My Vouchers’ tab in the app.

Reliance Inc wishes to sell 100 million JioPhone handsets in the first year but looking at the demands currently, the demand is definitely going to exceed. Available at a mere refundable Rs 1500/-, the phone was taking a booking with a deposit of Rs 500.

For people still unaware of the booking procedure, you can go through our previous communications.

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