Reliance JioFiber might offer 100GB at Rs 500 per month under new broadband plan

Reliance JioFiber Service :

Reliance Jio, or Jio, is a LTE mobile network operator in India. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Reliance Industries. Headquartered in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, it provides wireless 4G LTE service network. It is the only ‘VoLTE-only’ (Voice over LTE) operator in the country which lacks legacy network support of 2G and 3G, with coverage across all 22 telecom circles in India.

The company launched its 4G broadband services throughout India on September 2016. It has a network of more than 250,000 km of fiber optic cables in the country, which it will be partnering with local cable operators to get broader connectivity for its broadband services.

With its multi-service operator (MSO) licence, Jio will also serve as a TV channel distributor and will offer television-on-demand on its network. Jio offers fourth-generation data and voice services, along with peripheral services such as instant messaging and streaming movies and music.

For consumers, it is a blessing (at least sounds so with its freebies). Reliance JioFiber broadband service plans to offer data at rates that will definitely not go down well with the big players.

Also, according to a report in Economic Times, the company plans to offer 100GB data at just Rs 500, almost half of what competitors charge for data. While the other competitors have decided to slash prices, Jio’s high-speed promises bundled with their data packages could be a massive deal-maker.

The JioFiber Preview Offer will provide users with free high-speed internet for the first three months. The offer will also come with a JioMedia share device, a smart set top box, routers and Power Line Communication devices, to promote additional Jio services.

Offer Details :

The broadband prices are expected to start at Rs 500 for 100 GB data and for 1000 GB data at 100 Mbps speed, and subscribers would be required to pay Rs 2,000 a month

As a pre-response to this, Sunil Mittal-driven Bharti last week enhanced data volume on its existing home broadband plans, offering 60 GB data for Rs 899; 90 GB data for Rs 1,099 and 125 GB data for Rs 1,299. Bharti, too, claims to offer 100 Mbps data speed, equivalent to any high-speed optic-fibre line through Vectorisation technology..

Therefore, it wont be wrong to say that the tariff that Jio is planning may disrupt the home broadband market in India.

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