Reliance Jio Provides 2nd Best ‘Peak Speed’ but ‘Worst Average Speed’ on 4G, Says OpenSignal Reports

According to reports by the London based OpenSignal which evaluates the quality of network connections with respect to the area covered, Reliance Jio, the latest telecom entrant which has gained around 125 million subscribers within a few months of stepping into this industry, has however recorded a data for providing the ‘worst average speed’ on 4G to its customers.  Besides, the evaluation also certifies this network connection to possess the second best peak speed in comparison to other service providers.

The test has been carried out with respect to the period between December 2016 and February 2017. According to the reports claimed by OpenSignal, the average 4G LTE Speed of Reliance Jio has been recorded to be 3.9 Mbps, while its average peak speed is 50Mbps.

The evaluation also adds that the subscribers of the connection do not always receive the peak speed, rather it is pretty rare. One of the expected reasons for this low speed, as said by OpenSignal, is the huge amount of data consumed by people on this network.

While the speed is surely disappointing, the success rate of the Company in gaining subscribers at the rate of 7 new users every second is definitely a matter of tough competition to almost every other of Telecom Company.

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