Reliance Customer Care Number | Reliance Communication Helpline

Reliance helpline in communications is one of the leading step taken by a telecom company in India. They have spread out their business in many sectors in India and they are the largest provider of GSM and CDMA services in India, in fact they were the first ones who brought CDMA in India.

They also provide various services like  broadband, digital TV.

Also there are may various Value Added Services by Reliance includes apps and services for unlimited music, Bollywood movies, Music streaming, caller tunes, Mobile Radio, etc.

You can easily use Reliance Help Line Numbers to Activate or Deactivate these Value Added Services (VAS).

To cope with the customer demands they have stores in almost every city in India. Such is their reach. In this article we will try to give you helpline numbers for both prepaid as well as postpaid customers of reliance communications.

Along with the helpline numbers email support and helpline of various states across India is also to be given. We do hope that given information will be sufficient for you to resolve your any problem with Reliance communication.

Reliance Help Line Numbers for Prepaid Customers:

Prepaid Customers can also call to *333 (Chargeable at 50p/3 min for any Agent related assistance) or also 198 (toll-free) for any complaint or service request from Reliance phone.

Reliance Help Line Numbers for Postpaid Customers:

For Postpaid Customers they can call to *222 (Chargeable at 50p/3 min for any Agent assistance) or 198 (toll-free) for any complaint or service request from their Reliance phone.

Helpline numbers for various states in India:

Madhya Pradesh                          9827098270
Bihar                                             9835098350
Jharkhand                                     9835198351
Orissa                                           9861098610
Chattisgarh                                   9827198271
Himachal Pradesh                        9817098170
West Bengal Including Sikkim      9832098320
Kolkata                                         9883098830
Tripura                                          9863098631
Meghalaya                                    9863098630 & 200
Mizoram                                        9863098634
Manipur                                         9863098632
Nagaland                                       9863098633
Assam                                           9864098640 & 200
Arunachal Pradesh                       9863098635

You can also resolve your issues via email:


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