Qualcomm’s In-Screen Fingerprint Technology Will Launch in 2018

As we have already encountered that, the Apple iPhone 8, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, and, the Galaxy S8 series are in the race to become the first smartphone company to introduce fingerprint scanner, embedded on the display. But Samsung failed to do so with the Galaxy S8 series, which left only two in the line. Now Qualcomm has officially announced that it has started producing the first samples with a fingerprint sensor on the front display. An integrated ultrasonic sensor will be the core for the next-generation fingerprint solutions. Also, Qualcomm welcomes the interested OEMs and is ready to do tests with them by sending samples.

Seshu Madhavapeddy, Qualcomm’s product management VP quoted “They will work on current generations of Android, as well as future generations. There’s really nothing that needs to be upgraded to support this.”

Key points:

  1. This ultrasonic scanner can be embedded on any smartphone surface including OLED, metal, and glass panel. It can also be implemented on the rear of the phone.
  2. This new technology fingerprint sensor will be able to scan through an OLED panel (premium tier phones) of up to 1200 µm, of a glass and metal panel (high tier phones) up to 800 µm thickness and a front glass cover (mid and low tier phones) of up to 650 µm.
  3. It will be compatible with the Snapdragon 200 series and the latest 630 and 660 chips.

The technology is expected to come in early 2018. More samples and flagship phones will be released once the testing is done. It will be interesting to see which smartphone company will become the first ever manufacturer of this feature in their smartphone. More updates will be shared as soon as they surface.

More updates will be shared as soon as they surface.

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