Pixel Users to Get Unlimited Cloud Space for Image Storage: Google

Good news for Pixel and Pixel XL customers as the Google is keeping its promise and now it is providing unlimited storage for photos and videos in original resolution for life.

Now the users do not have to worry about what is going to happen with their images and videos after some years as they will be available in original resolution even after some years with unlimited storage options. The original Pixel devices were unveiled last year and now as this offer is valid for these devices, the users will be attracted towards these devices more.

But there is some twist for the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL users as the feature offering the free unlimited storage of original quality images and video will be valid till 2020 and after that, the users will have to pay to keep the original quality. The company will be offering the unlimited storage but it will compress the image and videos from original resolutions to “high-quality” that is images in a resolution of up to 16-megapixel, and videos in full-HD (1080p). In the light of the news, the company said, ” Free, unlimited original-quality storage for photos and videos taken with Pixel through the end of 2020, and free, unlimited high-quality storage for photos taken with Pixel afterward.”

This comes as a good news for the Pixel device users as the iPhone users are still deprived of this unlimited cloud storage on iCloud. But the interesting fact is that the Google is providing unlimited “high-quality” photo and videos storage in Photos to iPhone and iPad users also.

More details will be shared as soon as any information comes.



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