Paypal Added as Payment Method in Apple App Store, iTunes, and Apple Music

The world’s largest Info Tech company, Apple, integrates with the American online payment system, PayPal, offering its customers a barrier-free transaction zone ahead on its diverse services including Apple Music, iTunes and Apple App Store.

This captivating undertaking has unfolded today in Mexico and Canada, and is definitely on its way in the US and other global branches.

Payment with PayPal offers secure, versatile and simple methods to promote the digital transactions across the different time zones.

With more than 200 million users worldwide, the PayPal has rolled out into most of the tech industries, making the flow of money simple, and without divulging the credit/debit card info over to the retailers.

PayPal’s One Touch payment option has been inculcated fruitfully into all the Apple ID accounts, giving a thumbs-up to any purchases from all Apple devices, inclusive of the Apple Watch and Apple TV.

The One Touch Payment through PayPal turns the sixteen digits into one touch, and can be enabled in any device, with more reliability and faster checkouts at the click of a button.

Customers with existing or new Apple ID, heading for the merchandise offered by Apple, can select PayPal as their payment option from the Account settings of their iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Mac, and PC.

On selection of this payment mode prima facie, all the future purchases of the respective Apple ID holders will automatically be directed and charged into their PayPal accounts.

The Apple ID account holders can buy anything from the iCloud Storage, Apple’s Music subscriptions, iBooks, TV shows, apps, iTunes, and movies through the PayPal payment pathway.

The Cupertino-California based tech company, Apple, has always come up with one or the other exciting surprises for its users worldwide, and this could be counted as the paramount bonus to all its digitally bright-eyed and bushy-tailed crowd.

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