Reliance Jio’s ₹49 Plan Offering 1GB Data/Day to JioPhone Users Launched

After so many revised plans for luring the customers, the company has now shifted its focus to the users of the feature phone which was launched by Jio. Jio has now announced a plan of the lowest price which is exclusively for JioPhone users. This lowest rental plan of Rs. 49 will offer unlimited voice and data for 28 days for JioPhone users. The plan will come into effect from 26 January. Jio has also introduced data add-on sachets for Rs 11, Rs 21, Rs 51and Rs 101.

The company said in the statement, “JioPhone users will enjoy free voice calls and unlimited data (1GB at high speed) for 28 days at a price of only Rs. 49. Jio is also introducing affordable data add-ons at Rs. 11, 21, 51 and 101.” The company further added, “The high feature phone tariffs make it impossible for them to even think of using data, let alone avail advanced data services like video calling, mobile video, and mobile applications. Jio has made data affordable for everyone.”

The JioPhone was launched by Reliance Retail and comes as a total refundable phone. The customers need to buy the smartphone at Rs. 1500 and after three years it will be refunded. But for this, the users need to recharge for a minimum Rs 1,500 a year

“Tariffs charged for feature phone users continue to be exorbitant, while their smartphone counterparts on Jio enjoyed free voice calls and high-speed data at the most affordable tariffs,” Jio said in a statement on Thursday. Further details will be shared regularly.

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