Now Airtel Postpaid Users Can Carry-Forward Up to 200GB of Data

One of India’s largest telecom firms, Bharti Airtel announces a ‘Data Roll-over Scheme’ under the currently ongoing ‘Project Next’ exclusively for the Airtel Postpaid users, giving a daunting tie to its opponents.

Commencing from August 1, this data carry-forward plan aims to allow the consumers to fully utilize their data plans that must have been left over from the preceding month’s pack.

The company confirmed this news releasing their official statement, “This new-to-the-world innovation will ensure zero data wastage for customers and brings unmatched value to the Airtel Postpaid proposition.”

The Airtel postpaid users can now carry over their unused 3G and 4G data to the next billing cycle from the current billing cycle, until a data cap of 200 GB is reached.

This means that if 10 GB data plan is obtained at a cost of Rs. 799/- in postpaid connections, and the monthly usage of the customer amounts to, say, only half of the total as 5 GB, the remaining 5 GB data can be rolled over to the next billing cycle.  When the user acquires another 10 GB data in the subsequent month with the same plan, the total data perk gained by the user would sum up to 15 GB (10 GB from current plan + 5 GB left over of the past month).  This same procedure shall be followed until the total data reaches up to 200 GB.

Airtel has been second in the line, only next to Idea, to initiate such a scheme for the postpaid customers.  India’s third largest telecom operator, Idea Cellular, had made a lead by taking up a similar initiative in 2015.

The 200 GB data carry over scheme, can be efficiently tracked using the ‘MyAirtel’ app, which will present the postpaid users with real-time notifications, support from Airtel’s help desk, and request for new services.

This newest development for Airtel’s postpaid users, the 200 GB ‘Data Roll-over scheme’, is accompanied by the free 10 GB monthly data plan as Airtel’s Monsoon offer.

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