Why Do You Need to Buy Sneaker Proxies for Footsites?

It is an utterly exhausting experience to wait outside the footlocker, yet come back empty-handed; which is why you should buy your next pair of sneakers easily off the Internet. But, things get a little trickier when a company launches a limited edition with one pair per IP address policy, and that’s when proxy comes in.

The best proxies for sneaker reselling sites keep switching new IP addresses so that there are lower chances of getting banned from the footsies. Proxies use IP address masking technique so that they can stay safe and always out of the eye of network managers.

But a good server is a must with the proxy because it lets you get in and out of the site as soon as you can provide a fast bandwidth and RAM. Bots are the fastest. They make the job entirely automated. All you need to do is know the right dates for the sneakers to be released and have the right bot.

Once you have a bot just add private proxy settings and keep rotating the proxies. Now that the footwear sites will not find out which IP address is buying how many sneakers, you are safe.

What should you consider before buying proxies?

Finding the right proxy takes a lot of time and hard work. There are a lot of things you need to consider when choosing proxies, server, and bots. We have mentioned some parameters which will help you in selecting them.


Don’t get too attracted to those phony free proxies – they put your private information at risk. Moreover, if you somehow manage to find a trustworthy free proxy it’s hard to count on it, and it gradually gets slow. Eventually, you will keep waiting, and the sneakers will get sold out. Thus, your best bet is a paid proxy that’s quick and trustworthy enough.

Free proxies earn revenue by ads that keep popping up while you keep trying to connect to the server. This causes time lapse and you are left empty-handed. Phony free proxies can’t survive any more than 12 – 24 hours. That’s when the network managers ban them. But it is not the same when it comes to private proxies since you get a lot of options and they keep rotating to avoid getting caught.


Don’t pick proxies which are from very distant places. They are easier to find and also get banned very easily. If the sneaker server and proxy are very far away from each other, they should be connected before they are directed to the main sneaker site. This causes a time lapse, but while buying a sneaker even a second’s loss is critical. You should always ensure that the proxies you pick have data centers near to the site server this makes you connect faster with your preferred site.

You have to keep all these things in mind when you select proxies and servers, and these features only come with paid proxies, while free proxies engage your time in ads that keep dropping in which make your sneaker buying process slow.

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