Mumbai Metro App Launching Next Month for Online Ticket Booking

The 11.40 km metro rail running between Ghatkopar, Andheri, and Versova in Mumbai, with around 100 million commuters, would now have an edge over the others with a speedy launch of the Mumbai Metro ticketing system, via the Ongo app, prospectively in mid-August 2017.

India’s first mobile ticketing service would offer the commuters to pass through the automated-fare collection (AFC) gates easily along with their smartphone devices that houses the QR code generated on buying the token or pass via the online ticket booking system.

The hassle-free system, which also put the brakes on the smart-cards in Mumbai Metro, calls forth the passengers to book tickets, or monthly passes, select their desired destinations and pay the corresponding fare using their e-wallets or mobile wallets, following which a QR-code is created that allows the traveler to access the platform after the QR code in the mobile screen is scanned at the AFC gate sensor.  A non-protruding glass has been specially installed on the AFC gates for this purpose that scans the QR code on the commuter’s devices.

The Mumbai Metro One Pvt. Ltd. (MMOPL), which runs the corridor, informed that the mobile ticketing system is in the advanced stage of testing and would soon unfold in the iOS and Android operating devices.

The OnGo service would also enable the commuters to book tickets for the current journey or in advance up to a week, as the MMOPL official reports “Money can be loaded in the mobile wallet app to carry out the transaction to purchase token for single journey, return journey and recharge smart card. In fact, QR code can be generated 7 days in advance.”

The Mumbai Metro, which is a consortium formed by Veolia Transport SA, France and Reliance Infrastructure Ltd, MMRDA, would soon notice a run-down in the hectic metro queues for collection of tokens, passes, and recharge cards to travel in the metro.  Also, it would make the system more digitized with the onset of this online ticketing app.  Now, office-goers and college runners need not waste their precious time in long queues to get a claim over their tickets, but can easily direct themselves to the metro coaches via the AFC gates with the QR code primed in their hands.

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