Metro PCs(USA) Customer Service Number

Metro PCs is a part of T-Mobile company. It is basically a prepaid wireless service in the united states. They provide various services from calling to texts and also data. Internet depends upon the type of service you require right from gsm, hspa, hspa+ and 4g LTE.

A bit detail into history that Mobile PC's will be decommissioned in 2015. It's 4G legacy will be integrated into T-Mobile's own 4G LTE network. This is due to the merger occurred in 2012 between mobile PCs and T-Mobile.

We have mentioned the information regarding the T-Mobile's customer services in one of our articles earlier. You can check that as well.

Metro PCS were launched in 1994 by Roger Linquist and Malcolm Lorang both of whom were previously executives with page-mart wireless.

Now coming back to main point as to why we have written this article. We have written this article to provide you the information regarding the various customer services that metropcs provide. We will provide you with the numbers to contact the metropcs customer service team and support.

They have a fantastic customer service team, who works side by side with company's achievement. Alot has been down to this customer support team.

This are the numbers below you can call to get the information regarding any of your queries and doubts:

Phone 800-901-6266 

AddressPO Box 601119, Dallas, TX 75360


Metro PCs Dealer Support

23 mins average wait
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST

Metro PCs Phone Number

2 mins average wait(when open)
Mon-Fri 9am-5pm EST


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