Meizu X2 Latest Leaked Renders Suggests Rear Secondary Display

The Chinese phone manufacturer Meizu had launched the Meizu Pro7 and Meizu Pro 7 devices just sometime back. The major unique aspect of these two devices was a secondary display with a rectangular shape in the rear side. But now, there are leaked renders surfacing on the internet which show that there may be yet another phone namely Meizu X2 that is in the pipeline of the company.

It is also said that instead of a rectangular shaped secondary display, the Meizu X2 will have a secondary display in the rear side in a round shape. An interesting point to be noted here is that Meizu had launched a predecessor to this rumoured X2 device last year in the form of Meizu X.

The circular display in the rear side is said to resemble a watch dial. But there are doubts on whether this display will be able to perform its full functions or may contain only limited information like for instance, clock, battery, network icon, etc. Besides the design of the screen, one can see in the leaked images that the device will have a single camera setup in the rear side along with the LED flash.

As this information is based on leaked renders, one cannot say if all of this is true. There is yet an official confirmation about this device pending from Meizu. For now, the other specifications and features of the X2 device are not available. The Meizu Pro7 and Pro7 Plus broke a record with an AMOLED rear secondary display. But there is still no information if the X2 will have an AMOLED secondary display in its rear side. The rear screen on both the Pro7 devices enables the users to take selfies using the rear camera. But the leaked images of the X2 suggest that the small size of its round secondary screen may not help the users in taking selfies using the rear camera.

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