Meizu Pro 7 Leaked in Images, Dual-camera Setup Revealed

The latest smartphone in long line of smartphones to attract the enthusiasts is Meizu pro 7. This latest smartphone from Meizu is the subject of talking for many media outlets right now and thus we decided to provide you much-needed information about this device.

This recent smartphone has been subject of interest for many due to its supposedly leak photos which shows dual rear camera. As the trend continues this device will also support dual rear camera with LED flash. This leak is to believed to be true because it came from Russia where this company holds majority of its stack. And this leak also appeared on famous micro blogging site Weibo. Although company’s senior VP, Zha did said that rumors were fake and the design of phone is completely different from the one shown in the photos. So it does seem like a fan Meizu might have posted the photo. As expected, Zha refused to provide any further details regarding the launch of this new smartphone.

Meizu Pro 7 Features :

Talking about the design of Meizu Pro 7, the front part is largely influenced by Samsung galaxy S8. It sports same edge to edge curve display super-thin bezels at the top and the bottom. The front is on upper bezel. The phone might come with or without a physical home button on the front area.

As far as camera are concerned, rear camera will feature a dual camera both aligned horizontally to each other. There’s also a LED flash placed beside the camera module.

Alongwith the design, photos also shows two different colour variants in different shades of black. One is glossy and other appears to be matte finish. But we do expect this mobile manufacturer to launch more colour variants for this phone.

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