Like OnePlus One and Two, OnePlus 5T Might Come in a Sandstone Option

OnePlus is really enjoying the attention OnePlus 5T is attracting. And they deserve every bit, as they are constantly releasing newer editions of this flagship handset. Previously, a Star Wars Limited edition and a lava red edition came into the markets. Now the talks are about the company’s signature sandstone finish for OnePlus 5T.

To validate our claim, we have a video from OnePlus hinting towards a possible sandstone option. It is available on OnePlus’s official YouTube channel teasing about a new product that would launch in January 2018. The video titled ‘What’s in the box?’ shows people feeling a mystery product inside a covered box with the OnePlus logo. Although the video does not disclose what lies inside the box but shows people feeling an object and saying what they feel. Some say it is smooth, a little bit textured, like a stone and quite grippy, to say about it. One of them, went on to say, “It might be the OnePlus One Sandstone”. We will have to wait until OnePlus releases an official statement in the near future.

Even though, the Star Wars Limited edition of the OnePlus 5T has a sandstone finish as well. It comes in white so maybe OnePlus is planning to remove the Star Wars tag and launch a white sandstone variant of the OnePlus 5T with broader availability. Or maybe there is something else in store, we do not know yet!

However, this is not the first time OnePlus is bringing the sandstone option. They launched a Colette edition for OnePlus 3T, followed by Midnight Black Limited edition for the same phone without the Colette engraving. OnePlus might do something similar with the Star Wars Limited edition of the OnePlus 5T as well.


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