All About Jio App, It’s Inbuilt Apps and Their Features

Reliance Industries were established long ago by Mr. Dhirubhai Ambani, and the legacy was taken forward by his kids and grandkids. This industry stood firm and also supported the Indian Economy in all possible ways. The company is one of the leaders in terms of generating employment each year. Reliance ventured into a new market and took everyone by a storm. On 5th September 2016, they ventured into the digital media and mobile network field. This was the first time a network provider swore to supply free and high-speed network. Jio entered the Indian markets with various plans and issued free SIM cards. This grabbed eyeballs and everyone wanted to get their hands on one of these cards. Free, cheap and well connected became India’s motto. Overnight there grew a demand for the Jio App and it has been soaring high ever since.

The Jio app adheres fully to the “Make in India” concept as it provides employment to Indians and believes in making use of only Indian products. Thus each Jio product or app is launched and produced in India and by Indians.

Jio became a leader in the network line and diversified its reach to various digital media, clothing and security sectors. Jio has become a brand in its self and has now started its fruitful journey into the Global markets.

How can I download the Jio App?

  • Go to your play store.
  • Search the application MyJio.
  • Click the download/install button.
  • Login to MyJio through your email ID or your registered Jio mobile number.
  • If you cannot login contact the jio customer care.

Description of other in Built Jio apps:

The Jio app is a well-established app and has many inbuilt features in it. It works on advanced technology and has a less buffer rate.

Jio Chat:

The Jio app channelised into the social media line through jio chat. Compared to Whatsapp Jio has lesser popularity. The features are almost similar. One can send and share documents, pictures, contacts, files, etc from both the messengers.

How do you register on jiochat?

  • Create an account using your mobile number.
  • Verify your number through the code sent on your phone.
  • You will then be welcomed to the application.

Features that you can find only on the jiochat:

Share doodle- is a fun blank board. You can draw or write anything on it and send.

Send file- Even though this feature is available on many chatting apps as share documents. Many files can be stored on the jio cloud and directly sent on the chat.

Channel- This option gives you the chance to search for various media and reliance stores.

The Sticker Store- The sticker store has some new and enticing features. They are fun, expressive and communicative.

You can also opt for a language change. Just go the settings option- language and opt for your preferred language from the given list.

Get off your other chats and join jiochat today!!

Jio Money:

Jio money is no different from any online domain only a more secure mode. It has exciting offers, and you can avail of these benefits.

You will have to validate your account number and bank account details to register yourself.

Its online transactions are not delayed frequently, and the application is smooth. It helps you send money from one bank account to another and pay your bills. This app offers various features. They may be categorized as below:

Pay bills and recharge- You will have to insert the mobile number you wish to recharge; select the plan; the operator; Your country and click payment mode. Select the method of payment, your request will generate an OTP, and it will be completed.

If you wish to donate to any charities, you may do so with this feature. The details of the charities and the benefits you would receive from donating will be specified.

If you have subscribed to any magazines/newspapers, you can pay the subscription fees via this mode.

Pay At shop- This option allows you to pay via UPID/BHIM at any grocery/branded store. There are attractive coupons and discounts that you must try. You can click on them and redeem them while in the store.

Offers and loyalty- Offers and loyalty will show you the offers that are currently running and the ones you can avail. Loyalty would address the loyalty points in your jiopocket. Coupons and cashback offers are some of the main features.

Money transfer– Money transfer/receive enables you to transfer your money to other bank accounts without any transfer charges. This can be done using your debit card or net banking. You can either choose to insert the concerned person’s account number or their mobile number. You can transfer money just by adding their contact number.

Jio TV:

The Jiotv app has a good 4.4 ranking. After downloading the app from your play store enter your jio number and login. You will be directed to a page that would provide options to choose your interests. It is available only to those who download the main jio app. You can watch any channels as per your wish and as per your language preferences.

The categories that are available are;

Business news: Devotional: Entertainment: Informative: Kids: Lifestyle and lots more. The advantage of using Jiotv is that you have access to the history of the shows. You can watch any show that you have missed on any previous day.

Thus this app has given you the option to change from your remote to a button and watch your favorite shows on the go.

Jio Cinema:

Now watch your favorite movies/music videos/ bloopers on the go. Download the Jiocinema app and watch all of that free. You can watch your preferred movies offline just by clicking the download button. Set the quality of the download. tap on “ok” when download now appears. The movie gets saved automatically.

However to view the progress status of the downloads tap on Mydownloads under the menu option. you’ll see the progress.

In case you want to delete a downloaded video tap on the cross symbol on the right side of the video.

Jio Cloud:

It is one of the few cloud storage features that is made in India. Sign in through your registered mobile number. You can also choose to share your data and media with friends and family. Also, select the network mode you want to use this feature on.

Start uploading your files/ data/ media on the cloud. You can also take a back up of your contacts. Set the access to offline. Jio cloud allows storage only up to 5 GB after which you’d be required to pay per GB.

Since you store your data online, it is advisable to set a password. The app also has a search option that enables you to access your data quickly.


Ajio is a sister app of Jio app. It is one of India’s leading online fashion brands. Ajio partner’s with other home brands in this line. They encourage new designers to list their designs and work hand in hand with them. It is one of the cheapest e-brands. As a personal consumer, I’d say that it is a healthy brand and looks after their consumers.

They give utmost attention to the consumer’s needs. They blend fashion and value for money very well. In case you don’t like the design or fit of the clothing they have a well-established return policy.

Their return policy is unusual. After receiving your product if you aren’t happy with it, you can open the Ajio app. After opening the Ajio app you can look for your delivered products, there you will find an option for replacement or refund. Select your preferred choice.

Replacement will give you the option to purchase anything else within the same range with Ajio coupon. If you opt for the refund option, they will send an employee to collect the product. After they check for any defects, you get your money almost immediately via any of the e-payment modes.

This was one of my best e-commerce experiences.

Jio Security:

One of the inbuilt features of the Jio app is the jiosecurity. This app provides an antivirus protection to your cell phones. What’s more? It is a comprehensive security app. The app has one of the most needed features of a mobile finder. Powered by Norton Mobile Security the app follows some advanced technologies. It acts as a manager for your battery and storage. Jio security also advises the user about the softwares and cautions them about the safety of the application.

The scream option on the Jiosecurity app is a wonderful feature. You can find your lost phone at your premises by shouting out a phrase or word you have saved before. In doing so your mobile would ring and you can assess where it is. This app also helps you block a text or a call from unknown threats. Thus it acts as a multi-protection app preventing any sort of damage to your phone or the contents of your phone.

Jio Newspaper:

As the motto highlights, Jio Newspaper: Your digital Newsstand, It has attractive features and is highly informative. The USP is that it provides over 250 editorials and thus encouraging multilingual reports from all across the country and world.

Usually, people refrain from reading from a display screen, But this application gives you a lifelike reading experience. Here you can also feel the flip of a page. It highlights certain vital sentences and if you aren’t in the mood to read jionewspaper will even read to you if required.

You can personalize your reading and download your favorite newspaper for daily updates while sipping your cup of coffee.

This app also gives you the option to read a newspaper offline. You may also resume reading from where you left. These features are some of the best ones.

So, why the long wait? Get your Jio SIM now!! Enjoy the Jio offers and benefit from the various Jio Apps.

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