iPhone X’s Face ID Can Recognize One Face Per Device Unlike Touch ID

Apple’s iPhone X was launched on the 10th anniversary of the tech brand. And the tech giant in an attempt to add a feature to this flagship handset, introduced Face ID. This biometric feature replaces the current the Touch ID, for the better.

The iPhone X is the first in the series of Apple handsets to use Face ID for unlocking the device. And additional information on this comes from the Apple headquarters. According to an official confirmation given by Apple, the Face ID will support only one user. Unlike the currently in-use Touch ID, which allows multiple users to unlock your iPhone. With this new bio-metric security feature, this will not be possible.

Furthermore, the tech giant claims that this is a far more secure feature. The stats given by the company says that there is 1 in 50,000 chance that a random person could unlock your device with Touch ID, but a 1 in 1,000,000 chance they could unlock your iPhone X with their face. Additionally, since the Face ID does not require moving parts, Users will not face problem of wearing out parts.

Also, an Apple user faces the limitation of not being able to use the iPhone in wet conditions. With the Face ID feature, this will not be a problem.  Although Apple allows multiple access to an iPhone through the Touch ID keeping in mind, that a user might wish to unlock the device from any of his fingers. On the same lines, the Face ID will recognize a single user. But the problem will arise when the feature enters other Apple gadgets as they are multi users.

However, as of now, for other people (family or known) seeking access to the iPhone X,  they can use the pass-code.

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