iPhone X Will Be Delayed, Expected to Arrive by Mid-October, Production to Be Blamed: Reports

Apple’s iPhone X is hit by further delays, and may not be able to make its appearance in the stores by November 3 as the handset is unable to get into the production line.
Recently, the investors got a note by Raymond James chip analyst Christopher Caso stating that the ‘final production’ on iPhone X has not been started yet, and is likely not to start till mid-October.
Caso does not believes that Apple will be made to delay the launch of iPhone X, but this report also suggests that Apple may run out of enough supply to meet the high demands.
IPhone X was announced officially back in this month, which sports an OLED display with bezel-less screens and hires glass and stainless steel materials for its enclosure. The device runs on components similar to iPhone 8 series, like the A11 Bionic chip. It also specifies wireless charging and the new face ID face-scanning technology.
Reports claim that the reason being the delay is mainly because of the OLED display. The manufacturing partner Samsun Display reportedly has failed to get enough units to Apple, thereby retarding the production process.
If you want to be counted among the first ones getting the iPhone X, make sure to be really fast to pre-order when it is made available on October 27.

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