iPhone 8 Would Have Infrared Face Detection, Revealed Homepod Firmware

The Apple iPhone 8 is going through a basket full of leaks week, with its launch date drawing near.  After the bezel-less design was spotted in the spilled user guide images, it is now the turn to reveal an infrared-face detection mode enabled in this latest gadget.

While the crowds remain hooked to the viral updates of the forthcoming iPhone, it is strange to note that this speculation of an IR detector was given away by the Apple firm itself!

Apple had recently released the software for its Siri-enabled smart HomePod speakers.  But displaying much more smartness, an iOS developer Steve Troughton-Smith, dug into the codebase of the firmware to excavate this news piece.

The software includes codes such as “BKFaceDetect”, where BK supposedly stands for Biometric Kit.  Now the iPhone 8 might even perform a 3-D scan to detect your face even in the dark.  This would be accomplished by the Infrared camera built-in the device, as referred to in the codes.

iPhone 8 Would Have Infrared Face Detection, Revealed Homepod FirmwareCircling the web with a code-name D22, the iPhone 8 leak also spotted errors in the firmware coded message like face is too far or too close to the camera, multiple faces, timeout errors, etc. which would firmly keep the iPhone secure.

However, this would not be the first phone to incorporate the facial recognition feature.  The Samsung Electronics, and Essential have also embedded this face unlocking technology in their new enterprises.

The software corresponds to that of the iOS 11.0.2 and further exhibits a similar outline of the device in line with the previous prototype leak.

With this new element in hand, you can easily unlock your iPhone 8 by just looking at it.  Nevertheless, the Apple industry is still trying hard to find a way in for the Touch ID sensor as well for the authentication, although which would probably not be supplied in the iPhone 8.

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