How to Install AppValley on iOS (iPhone/iPad) Without Jailbreak

Official Apple store already has millions of applications belonging to huge category and price range. However, sometimes it becomes pretty difficult to enjoy applications having recurring charges. When you look forward to have free apps, appvalley is the platform that you need to refer. The fantastic third-party installer can allow iOS owners to enjoy the best of applications without jailbreaking or paying real money.

It is quite common for Apple users to jailbreak their gadgets. However, it hampers the warranty and overall workability of the gadget. Henceforth, we have brought an alternative in the form of appvalley that has a huge user base and avails tweaked versions of applications free. Available for both Android and IOS gadget, you can enjoy the premium Android applications likewise iOS once in your device.

Features of appvalley

The mobile application installer provides updated applications so that you don’t have to face errors are bugs all the time. Also, you can install a modified version of the applications without jailbreaking your gadget. After being tried and tested, applications are embedded in appvalley so that users feel all secured and happy all the while.

  • No jailbreak – you don’t have to jailbreak your gadget while installing applications from appvalley for iOS or Android. Despite being a third party application installer, it is a convenient, user-friendly and reliable source of apps.
  • Free application download – the applications available in appvalley are available for free despite having heavy charges when you download them from official Apple store.
  • Huge variety – with a consolidated database, you don’t have to refer any other App installer apart from appvalley. Even the applications that are unavailable in stores are available at appvalley.
  • Simplicity user interface – you can conveniently search through the stratified data of the application. Appvalley is comparatively free from errors and bugs.
  • Reliability – the manufacturers of appvalley regularly track the performance and fix the bug and error so that users have a hassle-free experience every time.
  • Update notification – Before any of your application gets crashed or sent a bug error, appvalley sends update notification before time. You don’t have to search for the applications requiring update manually. The automatic prompt makes things convenient and manageable.
  • Quicker download – you can quickly download applications form appvalley as long as you have good internet connectivity. Within a short period, applications are available within your gadget.
  • Ad-free content – isn’t it irritating to manage the Popping advertisement on your screen all the time? Of course, you cannot always pay money to remove those advertisements from your screen. There has to be an alternative for that. Resultantly, appvalley has been launched that maintained at be content having the best of features and varieties.

One of the finest application installers, appvalley has tough competition with tutuapp, tweakbox, Cydia and hip store. However, appvalley has its own prominent advantages that make it work better than any of the competitor in the market.

How to install appvalley application for the iOS device?

First of all, before we begin with the steps for installing appvalley in an IOS gadget, we would like to tell that there is no need to jailbreak your device. For the rest, steps have been clearly mentioned below –

  • In your iOS gadget, launch Safari Browser and get appvalley from
  • Install app Valley after you can search it from the homepage.
  • Go back to the home screen and wait for appvalley download and installation to get executed.
  • After installation is executed, top upon appvalley icon and Launch It. If you receive untrusted enterprise message, tap on it.
  • Press cancel when you get developers name pop up. Visit settings – general – profile and device management.
  • Visit appvalley developer profile and hit trust.
  • Get up on trust, and your appvalley application is successfully installed in your iOS gadget. Now you can open it and download whatever you want for free the similar to App Store.

Appvalley 2.0 latest version allows you to get the best applications for free. All the iOS owners must try the reliable platform.

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