13 Ways to Pay Your SBI Credit Card Payment – [Easy and Safe]

Credit is becoming a necessity rather than a luxury these days. There are many ways to pay through a credit card; in particular SBI credit card.

Today we have listed 13 different ways to pay your SBI Credit Card Payment :

State Bank of India Credit Card Payment Online Method:

  1. PayNet:

    This webpage will guide the SBI account holder for payment through debit card or online payment: ( https://pgi.billdesk.com/pgidsk/pgijsp/sbicard/index.jsp )
    In this, payment is done in a highly secure way.
    You will be needing to enter your 16 digit card number and E-mail, your mobile number that is linked to the bank and the due amount.
    Then you have to select the payment option which can choose from either Debit card or Net Banking.  Once the transaction is successfully done, you will receive confirmation on your registered mobile number and E-mail.

  2. Through online SBI:

    Log in to SBI website and you can pay your SBI Card dues online from your SBI account easily. This is an E-Pay service.

  3. Automatic debit and electronic clearing service:

    In this method, you can use Electronic Bill Pay facility to make online payments, which will be deducted directly from your bank account.
    This is one of the most convenient methods as there is no need for cardholder to remember the payment due date. Here, Individual needs to give permission to the bank to deduct money from their bank account every month before the due date.

  4. National electronic funds T\transfer (NEFT) payment:

    For this method, you need to login to your SBI account and enter your SBI card details and there add IFSC code SBIN00CARDS. In this method, your sixteen digit card number will act as your account number.

  5. Mobile banking:

    This is one of the easy methods. With just a click you can make credit card dues. To avail this facility, open messaging app from your mobile than SMS <MBSREG><MobileMake><MobileModel> to 567676. After this, the sender will receive all of this userID, MPIN, and WAP link for downloading the SBI application on the cell phone.

  6. Other banks online transfer:

    This is also one of the facilities provided by SBI to make customers work easy. In this method, you can pay your SBI credit card bill online through the websites of other bank’s account as well.
    These banks include HDFC, ICICI, Axis Bank and others. The only requirement you need to fulfill is to register your SBI card (name and card number) on the website. The process for payment is very easy and the money gets automatically debited from your own bank account in 1-2 business days.

  7. SBI mobile app:

    For this method you need to download the SBI’s mobile app through Google play store. The applicaytion name is Freedom app.

  8. Electronic bill payment (EBP):

    You can also use Electronic Bill Pay facility to make online payments, directly from your bank account.

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SBI Credit Card Payment Offline Method:

  1. At SBI ATM:

    You can easily pay your bills using SBI Debit Card from any SBI ATM in India. For this, just visit any SBI ATM and enter your credit card number and the amount that is due. You can find this option under Bill Pay menu.

  2. Over the counter through cash/cheque:

    This method requires SBI credit card holder to visit any SBI branch or its 5 associate banks, fill up the slip, enter the required amount, attach your card bill and than submit it to the representative. The account number that you will be entering is your 16 digit card number. You will be able to receive acknowledgement receipt instantly. But the payment will be reflected in 2 working days in your SBI credit card account.

  3. PayCash @ EasyBill Outlets:

    You can visit any of the easy bill outlets and than provide your the following details your 16 digit credit card number, money to be paid and also your mobile number. When the transaction is done, card holder will be provided with electronic receipt instantly.

  4. Electronic dropbox:

    For making the required payment through electronic cheque box, card user will have to insert the CTS/non-CTS compliant cheque as per the given instructions on the drop box. Once the cheque is successfully inserted, scanned image of the cheque will be automatically available from the Dropbox. Payee name on the cheque should be in the favor of SBI Credit Card **** **** **** **** (where * denotes 16 digit card number). Cheque takes 4 working days for clearance, so drop your cheque minimum 6 days before the due date.

  5. Manual dropbox:

    For paying card bill via this method you have to mention payee name as SBI Credit Card **** **** **** **** (where * denotes 16 digit card number) on the cheque that can be CTS/non-CTS compliant. Also you have to mention your name and phone number at the back side of the cheque for any future use.For further assistance, visit – www.sbi.co.in

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