How Does an Air Fryer Work? Air Fryer Reviews

As a soulful lover of fried food and a former patient of the diseases that come along with it, I can confidently state that air fryers are the holy grail of the food industry. Air fryers are by far the greatest and most innovative inventions of the food industry. Isn't it astonishing, oily food without oils? What is next? Ice without water?

Addressing the elephant in the room, the oily foods that we eat are the killers of our bodies, they might feel good to eat but are they really good to eat? Greasy food not only puts a lot of pressure on your digestive systems but harms your skin as well. It also raises risks of heart diseases. Air fryers use little to no oil for making delicious fried food.

How does air fryers work?

An air fryer consists of a grill, a food chamber or a heating chamber and an exhaust fan. The grill is located close to the food hence it heats up the food more efficiently. With the help of the exhaust fan located directly on top of the food container, the hot air can rotate in the heat chamber. The movement of the hot air helps to maintain a constant high temperature. The air fried food might not seem healthy by its looks, but that is the magic of the hot air fryer. Food appears to be fried when it is not.

There is also an exterior exhaust system that emits the excess hot air outside, which helps in avoiding overcooking. This hot air is filtered before it is released so that it doesn't harm the environment. The exhaust system prevents the over-drying of food by controlling the pressure inside the chamber.

You can cook different varieties of food in the air fryer from a cake to french fries. It is not time-consuming as it takes only a few minutes to fry the food items kept in its container. Although you don't need to pre-heat the air fryer but preheating it for a few minutes can really help in reducing the cooking time.

Heating and Cooling Systems

The method used by air fryers is the rapid air technology. The hot air moves at such a high speed that it can make the food crispy just like fried food. The food is kept in a removable plate which has an easy in and out movement system.

The air dryers have a very efficient cooling system, so there is no need to worry about how the air fryer cools itself. The cooling system allows fresh air to pass through the filters and move to the lower parts of the air fryer. This is the method by which the air fryer cools its inner parts.


Every air fryer sports two turning knobs to control the temperature and timing of the heating process. Even though the air fryer has an exhaust system, the machine is pretty sleek and simple. The machine maintains it's temperature through a heating and cooling system.

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