Spotify is Testing a ‘Driving Mode’ Feature on Android

Spotify is a famous digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs. Who does not love to listen to music while driving right ? But, using your smartphone for anything while driving can make you very distracted which can lead to accidents and even cost lives.
To avoid this many devices have come up with a ‘Driving Mode’ feature which gives users a rather simplified  and safer interface to use while driving.
Spotify has also trying to introduce an ‘Auto Mode’ or a ‘Driving Mode’ which will make buttons bigger on the display and smartphone easier to operate while driving.
This mode apart from having larger buttons, supports some gesture control like swiping up and down switches between categories like Recent, Featured, Favorites, etc. and swiping horizontally switches between albums or playlists, while the large forward and backward buttons change tracks and also it also announces the current playing song aloud and will also support hands-free voice control soon using which you can command the player to control music or speak an artist, playlist, or track name.
This feature was only available on the Android version of the app yet , some reports suggest that this feature was designed for the use of employees only for testing but the update went to several Redditors who may or may not be employees of the company. There is no official word from Spotify on whether or when will they make this feature incorporated into them.
All of these features are expected to make driving safer and reduce the number of road accidents caused due to distracted driving.

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