Here’s First ‘Twin Tests’ Video of iPhone X’s Face ID, Check Out the Surprising Outcome

People are now getting the answers to the questions they have been asking since the time Apple unveiled the iPhone X. One of the most important questions was if the Face ID sensor works as it was advertised by Apple or not. Besides few select instances, the result seems to be quite overwhelming and positive so far. But still the Face ID in the iPhone X is not perfect.

There were two publications that tested the Face ID sensor of the iPhone X on identical twins. Each publication came up with different results. The first test was by Business Insider that asked the twins Greg and Brain Fieber to set up the Face ID in the iPhone X. Brain went through the Face ID set up and after testing it with a hat, sunglasses and a scarf, the Face ID worked well and recognised him. He then handed the phone to his brother Greg. But however, Greg was unable to unlock the device with his face which confirmed the fact that your own twin sibling won’t be able to sneak in your phone.

Another similar test was conducted by Mashable with two different pairs of twins. Both the pairs were able to fool the Face ID and were able to unlock the iPhone X. Mashable had even made one pair of twins switch their places and had also asked them to remove their glasses. But the iPhone X still unlocked. You can see the test in the video below.

There will be many iPhone X devices that will be circulated throughout the world. Until then it will be hard to know how well the Face ID sensor truly works. But now with these results, it can be said that identical twins might have to stay a little extra careful with the Face ID unlock feature and use a pass code instead.



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