Google’s Action Launcher Updated With Pixel Lookalike Search Bar

According to latest reports, Google has altered their launcher on certain portions on the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL devices.
The new launcher has shifted the search bar below the docked icons and the “pill” while the weather widgets have been shifted to the top of the screen. The previous position of the weather widget has been taken over by the new addition, “at a glance”. This new addition allows the users to quickly access the upcoming events along with the weather reports.
Besides, this redesigned launcher, Google’s Action Launcher has also received a new update recently.
The new update of the Action Launcher upgrades the same to the version 29.0. This version introduces the Pixel 2 lookalike Style dock search box.

Follow these steps to enable the function in your Pixel devices:
Go to the Action Launcher’s Settings menu > click on Quickbar > Click on Style > click on Search Box (Dock).

This section allows the users to choose a color for the Quickbar, can change the theme of the same, alter the layout and customize the feature. The corner size of the Quickbar can also be altered and customized. The box can be kept rectangular or the corners can be rounded as well according to the will of the user.
Another new feature in version 29 is the visibility of the “G” style logo of Google, much alike the one spotted on the Pixel 2 handsets.
The only current improvement that the Action Launcher is lacking at present is the all new “at a glance” widget.
The version 29 of the Google Action is now available in the Google Play Store for download.

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