Google Pixel 2 Can Switch to Do Not Disturb Mode on Its Own During Your Drive

Based on latest reports, the most recently introduced second generation smartphone released by Google, which is the Google Pixel 2 has been spotted to own an interesting sensor based feature embedded in a software which has the capability to drag people into a safety zone involuntarily.

The new feature allows the cell phone to automatically switch into the ‘Do Not Disturb’ Mode while the user of the handset is driving.

The new Pixel devices from Google coms with a new application that has been named as the ‘Pixel Ambient Services’.

The description attached to the application reads, “Pixel Ambient Services provide features based on local context for Pixel devices”.

Based on latest reports from trusted sources, Google has also provided its curious users with screenshot from the application displaying the automatic sensor setting while the user switches from any other work into driving.

The app automatically activates the “DND” mode based on the phone’s sensors while the user is driving.

Smartphone manufacturing giants like Apple and Samsung has already introduced the “DND” feature in their latest handsets during the course of the current year.

The feature in Apple and Samsung handsets have been so designed that it sends out automated replies to each and every call or text every time there is an interruption. However, we are yet to know how this feature responds in the Google Pixel 2 handsets.

The Pixel devices that are being introduced in the current year come with the Artificial Intelligence (AI), better software and improved hardware.

Latest information further claims that the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL handsets along with the Daydream View Virtual Reality headset are being all set to be available in the Indian market by the month of November this year.



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