‘Google Now’ Updated to ‘Feed’ With a Personalized Touch to Tackle Facebook and Twitter Feed

Google Now is a popular intelligent personal assistant developed by Google. It was actually a part of a package of updates and UI changes for mobile search, which included a female-voiced mobile assistant.

But it’s time now to say goodbye to Google Now and say hello to Google’s Feed.

Yes, you heard that right, the company has decided to replace the Google Now though its functionality will not go anywhere and might be upgraded to an improvised version. The Feed majorly focuses on the content which includes news articles and videos which will appear in a two tab structure, the first tab contains the features topics and the and the second tab is for personal information and updates, such as travel plans and meetings.

The current rollout is only for the US, but other countries can also expect it in the coming weeks.

The topic of the content whether it is an article or news topic is extracted from the user’s browsing and search history thus attempts to be of users interest.

Users have the option to follow content directly from their mobile search results and have it as part of their feeds, this can be done by using the new “follow” button which will appear with some browsed content.

Google has also said they would bring a desktop version of the feed in the future.


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