Google, Facebook, Amazon Will Soon Start Accepting UPI-based Payments in India

The UPI-based Payment services are soon to bloom among the rank and file by partnership with top-notch tech companies like Google, Facebook, and Amazon, together with WhatsApp and Uber, according to the reports furnished by the Press Trust of India (PTI).

In a bid to promote the digitized life and enhance the Indian economy through trouble-free digital transactions, this mobile-based national payment system, has been operating efficaciously since its introduction on 11 April 2016.

The latest development observed in this hassle-free transaction system is the widening of its arena to the high ranked technology and commerce industries, such as the Facebook-owned WhatsApp, which is the most popular messaging app with 200 million active users in India, apart from the other global leaders like Google, Amazon and Uber.

NPCI’s CEO and MD, A P Hota, has confirmed the news of the inclusion of these big companies with the UPI to make a headway in this technology-assisted transaction approach.

With the aim of making life simple with the digital world, the search engine giant, Google, has joined hands with the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) to do well out of the UPI services, and currently awaits the nod of RBI for its official launch.

Google is developing a separate India-focussed app, which it will name differently, in integration with a bank,” Hota said.  Google is planning to launch the Android Pay app with the UPI features integrated in it.

“Quite likely Google would come first, because their testing is more or less complete. We have written to RBI seeking approval just two or three days back,” Hota added.

Facebook is likely to integrate the UPI system into the Facebook Messenger, and shall only come after the green signal is given to its holder, WhatsApp.

According to the current status, the umbrella organisation for all retail payment systems, the NPCI, has approved the entry of WhatsApp in the league, but has not mentioned as to when the UPI would go live on its ground.

Hota said, “We have permitted multi-bank partnership as WhatsApp did not want all transactions routed via one bank when payment loads are high.”

While Amazon, on the other hand, is still going through testing procedures of the UPI and discussed its launch with a few banks.  However, it would probably be using a pay button for UPI on its e-commerce platform, rather than developing another app like the Google firm, Hota had told ET.

Uber, whose arch-rival, Ola had integrated UPI in April 2017, is planning to launch the UPI services within a few weeks through BHIM, as told to the ET by Hota, “Since about 60 per cent of these cabs drivers still get paid in cash by customers, UPI payments will help Uber’s drivers make their payments to Uber using UPI.”

The Uber company made it official with the spokesperson providing the statement, “As a first step, we will look at offering our riders the option to use their existing UPI IDs to pay for their Uber rides.”

NPCI is planning for a multi-bank utility for UPI once the said tech giants enter into the partnership.  “There are big players and such large volumes going through one bank will not be good. Multi-bank will drive competition between banks as well,” Hota acclaimed.

Constituted by the NPCI and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), has observed an upsurge in the online transactions made through this system and has crossed 1 crore transaction in June 2017, with more than 20% rise from the previous year.

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